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What can Elite Assistance offer you that's different to everybody else? In short, there aren't many agencies who can provide you with the range of top-rated care services we have available.

Our personalised care services are recognised by the CQC for their excellence. We treat all service users with respect and dignity and promote their independence.

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Here is a list of our services

Personal Care

Elite Assistance offers round-the-clock tailored personal care on a one-to-one basis. Our trained carers can provide a full range of day-living tasks which includes washing, bathing, hygiene, medication, shopping, laundry and meal preparation. Users can also enjoy our morning support and evening support services. Our experienced staff will always carry out their tasks in a friendly and dignified manner. We see it as imperative that we listen to the service user and try to promote their independence as much as their condition will allow.

Domiciliary/Home Care

You can receive round-the-clock care within the comfort of your own home. Here are just some of the things that we can do for you:

  • Waking/Sleeping Night care
  • Correspondence Help
  • Domestic Duties
  • Financial Services (Pension/Bill Payment)
  • Care Escort
  • Laundry
  • Meal Preparation
  • Medication Management
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Sitting Services/Companionship

Night Care

We can assist service users throughout the night with our waking and sleeping night care. Our dedicated carers can assist in undressing and preparing service users for bed. We also offer assistance with medication, continence and security of properties. The night care service we provide enables safety and security throughout the night for the service user and gives relatives a chance to enjoy a good night's sleep.

Flexible Breaks Flexible Breaks

Our unique flexi-break programme helps service users live a more varied and independent life. In short, we can help you do whatever it is you want to do. Many of our service users have hobbies and pastimes that are difficult to fulfil owing to their present condition, and this is where we can help. If you have a hobby like fishing, cooking or bike-riding, our care support workers will be more than happy to help you carry out these activities. In recent times, this hugely successful and popular programme has helped a number of our service users to rekindle their interest in hobbies and led to a substantial improvement in the overall quality of their life.

Emergency Care

If an individual has become ill, we can provide intensive care support for the time that they are unwell. This can prevent the service user from having to undergo hospital admission.

Palliative Care

If a terminally ill person has chosen that they would prefer to pass away in their own home, Elite Assistance can provide these individuals with high-quality end-of-life care. This support service would come as part of a package with district nurses, GP and hospice. We know that terminal patients and their families are dealing with difficult circumstances and so our dedicated carers will help all involved to lead a more stress-free life.

Day Care

Day CareWe can help anybody who needs support during the day. Perhaps they will need to attend college, go shopping, get to work or just visit the pub - whatever your need, our carers can always help you carry out these activities.

Convalescent Support

After you have finished a spell in hospital or if you have recently overcome an illness Elite Assistance can offer you support with performing day-to-day activities until you return to full health.

Crisis Support

Elite Assistance offers a bespoke service for individuals undergoing life-changing treatment such as chemotherapy. We can give assistance with many actions including hospital escort and child care. This support service, carried out by our sensitive carers, aims to assist families through difficult times.

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Please Note...

Where a statutory department has commissioned us we can only carry out the duties they have requested of us. In an emergency situation we would of course seek permission from them to carry out other necessary tasks.

We like to think our service is as flexible as possible to meet the many needs different people have; however, for health and safety reasons we cannot:

  • Administer injections, enemas, and suppositories or any other area of care we deem to be purely medical.
  • We will only prompt people to take medication. We will never put medication into someone's mouth.
  • Clean outside upstairs windows.
  • Undertake certain domestic duties if there is a perceived risk of injury to the care assistant (i.e.) changing a plug.
  • Lift people off chairs, beds or the floor if there is a perceived risk of injury to the care assistant.

Investors in People accreditation